The Simple Expression of Complex Thought

Clare Taylor is a recent graduate from Camberwell College of Art. She frequently likes to tell people that she's from Greenland. This is not true.

Monika Grzymala thinks of her work as a kind of three dimensional drawing, as opposed to sculpture or installation. She works with kilometers of adhesive tape, bringing drawing off of the page and onto the walls (and around the walls… and between the walls…). There’s a kind of tension between drawing - something we often imagine as classical and old fashioned - and the fact that her work is also an architectural intervention - something generally viewed as more contemporary. Grzymala measures her work in meters, not in weight - reflecting upon the time and energy invested in each piece. Each work is site-specific and the drawing is determined by the architecture around her as she works.

Click through on the image for a link to her website (German).

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