The Simple Expression of Complex Thought

Clare Taylor is a recent graduate from Camberwell College of Art. She frequently likes to tell people that she's from Greenland. This is not true.

Brian Jungen is a Canadian artist who, in his Prototype series, transforms commercial objects, such as Nike trainers, into faux-aborigine masks, playing on the fetishisation of the Canadian Aborginal people, and similar trends worldwide (see: appropriation of Native American headdress for cool Western kids). He also references the slow death of traditional ways of life as capitalism becomes the driving force of many corners of the world. There is an underlying commentary about the division of labour too, where developed worlds consume at an alarming rate products which were made in the developing world for a fraction of the final selling price.

Click through on the image to see a collection of Jungen’s work on the National Museum of the American Indian website.

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